Vineyards of Holland: where to drink Dutch wine. From the largest to the most northern.

Having conceived a trip to Holland, I remembered that they also have vineyards. But who knows about it? I decided to Google. Almost all of them are small, just like the agricultural production of my grandfather, consisting of a barn and a cellar.

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Crumbs of information were mostly in Dutch. I couldn’t understand hardly anything so I decided to start active actions, made a list of several vineyards, which seemed the most interesting and were opened the days I was going to come.

  1. Apostelhoeve – the largest vineyard in Holland. It occupies 10 hectares, is famous for white wines, the very place is cozy and quiet. So you want to overstay with a company of friends, tasting light and rich fruit wines, glancing at the serene vines. Also, you can see rabbits there.

More: the city of Maastricht in 35 minutes by car, the administrative center of the province. The city is beautiful, worth seeing!

  1. De Linie is a wine supplier for KLM.

It occupies 1 hectare of land, white and red wine are produced here. The owner is an ardent devotee of traditions in the wine production, which he has been following for 30 years. He also explained that the name of the vineyard means an imaginary line, behind which to grow grapes and produce quality wine is impossible in his opinion. The reason is low temperatures and other unfavorable weather conditions.

  1. Betuws – innovations and creativity.

The owner of this vineyard, on the contrary, is not afraid of weather challenges and is committed to the modernization of his brainchild. And it is here that the desire for development and innovation, inherent in the spirit of Holland, is particularly evident. All kinds of wine are made here, including delicious sparkling ones. The vineyard is located in the countryside, so they sell jam and honey of its own production (bio), and on the way here you can take a selfie with cute lambs or goats.

  1. HofvanTwente – “Challenge accepted!”

Once married couple owning this vineyard were told that they shouldn’t even try to plant a vineyard because it’s too cold in this region. It sounded like a challenge, and it was accepted. For 15 years now they produce white, red and sparkling wines, which are in great demand in this region. Besides, people with a developmental disability are attracted to a variety of assistance, this way they are better integrated into the surrounding society. And now the vineyard owners plan to plant another one, again in a place where no one advises doing this. Good luck to them with a new beginning!

  1. Frysling is the northernmost vineyard in Holland.

The North Sea is within easy reach. Temperatures are really low and, nevertheless, interest and persistence allow the owner to surprise customers with his wine for a long time. Usually, the harvesting of grapes is completed a month later than other winemakers. Naturally, the reason is in warm weather, which also comes here a month later. But this absolutely does not affect the original and light taste of wine.

More: the Dokkum city is located 40 minutes by car. Previously, it was a fortified town, now it is a very beautiful city with mills and almost no tourists, have a lot of picturesque places.

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