Aperitivo time: 6 charming terraces in Rome



Aperitivo, or happy hour, takes an important place in Italian culture as well as everything related to food :). One of my favorite things is to sip wine and admiring the view of the city from above. While living in Rome and having been on a variety of rooftop, I got favorite ones, where I enjoy coming with friends. In this case, the most important thing for me is open space, not just small a corner, marvellous view and a pleasant atmosphere.

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  1. Rinascente on via del Tritone is a five-storey shopping mall in the centre of Rome, on the roof of which a panoramic platform opened a couple of months ago. Some people come just to take a photo and admire the view, that is not forbidden. A glass of wine costs 9 euros. It becomes crowded after six pm so you have to wait for the table.


  1. Minerva Roof Garden Restaurant have one of the most beautiful views, on my opinion. Located in the hotel of the same name, situated three minutes walk from the Pantheon. The Pantheon is one of the main attractions of Rome (your Cap 🙂 A glass of wine costs from 15 euros, pigeons are constantly waiting for crackers that are served to an Aperitivo. It is better not to feed them, otherwise they will not leave you alone. At sunset, the view is just fantastic.
1336129667_3Picture: minervaroofgarden.it
  1. Lo Zodiaco, vialetto degli innamorati – the panoramic platform is named after the restaurant that is located there. I have never been in it so can’t say whether it is delicious or not. But the observation deck is very cozy and romantic, a lot of couples come here to admire the city. There is also a small bar which is definitely has a Spritz (prosecco cocktail with aperol), 8 euro. The best way to get there is by car. If you walk, you will have to climb on the hill.
zodiaco-romaPicture: artwave.it
  1. Hilton Cavaglieri is a sophisticated hotel with a rooftop restaurant and a garden bar. Since the building itself is located on a hill, you can clearly see the panorama from it.
2222Picture: romecavalieri.com
  1. Casina Valadier is an elegant restaurant, from which you can see the famous Piazza del Poppolo, and nearby is the park of Villa Borghese. Drink aperitivo, then walk – bring additional health benefits.


  1. Aroma is a Michelin restaurant, which overlooks the Colosseum. Night, moon, food, Colosseum. You can’t forget this for a century! And if you don’t want to spend a lot, then right in front of the Colosseum there are several restaurants. Food for tourists, but perfect for the aperitif. The important thing is that the main attraction of Rome right before your eyes.
1111111Picture: aromarestaurant.it

Have you ever been in Rome and had an aperitivo? Where?

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