Why studying for a sommelier is awesome?


Before going to the courses, I could not imagine that it turned out to be so useful and interesting occupation. Moreover, this feeling is shared by the students who study with me and those who have completed the courses long ago.

– New knowledge clear your mind and charge the brain.

A recent study says that our brain never loses the ability to learn and to think well. Only with time, due to stress, lack of physical activity and automatic carrying out of most actions, the brain does not create new neural connections and gradually “relaxes”. Therefore, it would be good to train it both in 30 and 130 years old.

– You find new circles of communication.

We, people, are social animals, one way or another. In a new group, you can make friends, and fall in love, and start working together. Moreover, one common interest has already been found.

– Enhance your status in the company.

Well, agree, that it’s nice to share interesting stories or facts with your family and acquaintances. Moreover, in the history and culture of wine making, all this abound. Besides, “sommelier” – how proud it sounds! Nothing to sneeze at J.

– Making a deliberate choice of wine.

That is, even choosing by the label, you know what you are looking for and why. It’s easier to find appropriate food because you know best pairings. Cunning seller or waiter will not sell a bottle of the most expensive wine. Oh, and here’s what else is great – you will learn to choose the perfect wine at a reasonable price.

– Drink less, but better.

One positive thing attracts another. Following a good selection of wine, you begin to pay attention to what you eat, you start to buy good products, monitor your health, play sports … Or, at least, you much less mope and smile more.

Do you agree that new skills make life more interesting? What hobby has a good pairing with wine?

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