5 NOT tourist seafood restaurants in Rome



During a trip to a new city or country, you often want to mingle with the local people, feel cultural identity and explore national cuisine. But sometimes it is difficult to do if there are no friends or acquaintances. It happens that the Internet does not give the desired result too, so you have to do with what is.

Also, locals often go to restaurants that are not in the center, so to find them, and even more to get there is quite a challenge.

There are many excellent restaurants in Rome, but these I have been visiting with friends for years because:

  • a) super delicious, seafood smells like sea and not freezer
  • b) excellent wine list
  • c) friendly atmosphere
  1. Santucci is located in the residential part of the prestigious Parioli district in the center of Rome. The restaurant is named after the family that owns it and whose members work here. There is a terrace on the second floor.


  1. Ai Due Otri – located in a residential area, but you can get there from the center by taxi in 10-15 minutes. There is a large summer playground, and the Roman climate allows sitting on the street until November without any problems.


  1. Nero Di Seppia is another restaurant in which functioning the whole family is involved: the father invents recipes, the mother helps to cook, the son deals with visitors. A taxi ride from the center will take 15-20 minutes. It is also worth visiting because within walking distance there is the Nomentano Bridge, built in antiquity.


  1. Camponeschi is a restaurant in the city center. In addition to Mediterranean fish dishes, the typical Roman cuisine is presented here. In Italy, each region has its own culinary specialties, and this is a good place to explore them.


  1. Livello1 is an elegant place, 20 minutes by taxi from the center. They own a fish shop, which supply the restaurant. Also they have a glass wall to the kitchen, guests can check the cooking process.


There are no recommendations what to try. Everything is delicious, it depends only on your own preferences.

What a restaurant should have to attract you?

What else you could suggest to try in Rome?

____________________________________________________________________________________________PS: Here is the map to help you to understand where are they located:

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 13.18.26

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