Moderate wine consumption – how much is this?



Once living in Paris, I saw in our company a pregnant woman who drank red wine, I was surprised: “is she out of her mind?”. A little later I addressed her with this question, having formulated more delicately. She replied that in France it is normal, you just need to drink moderately. By the way, now she has two absolutely healthy children.

But still, drinking moderately – how much is this? Healthy lifestyle promoters are sure that absolutely none, most cultural traditions speak about 1-3 glasses, depending on gender and age of a person. And 4 years ago, Kari Poikolainen from the World Health Organization (WHO) published a scientific study in which he gave approval to everyone for one bottle of wine per day.

Referring to competent sources on the same WHO website it is written:

  • Women should not drink more than two drinks a day on average
  • For men, not more than three drinks a day on average
  • Try not to exceed four drinks on any one occasion

And there are a couple more important clarifications: drink on average once in two days, monitor body hydration, have a good snack and take into consideration the health status (do not torture the body if you have food allergies, gastritis, etc.)

What is your personal way to moderate wine drinking?

Stay healthy! Cheers!

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