6 Italian wine pros sharing their tips for the best wine and pizza pairing


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What wine do you pair with your favorite pizza?

This question I asked my friends on Instagram. They are wine experts who love pizza and hurray! – they are all Italians! Who can tell better what wine is best suited to the iconic product?

1716_oooo.plusSimona Geri, sommelier AIS, wine educator:

– To Margherita pizza, in which there is tomato sauce (that is acidity), mozzarella and basil, I will choose Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi or Rosato di Bolgheri. But also “bubbles” to degrease the mouth, especially if mozzarella di buffalo was used. The classic Blanc de Blanc Brut method.


645_oooo.plusManuel Pasquale, wine maker&consultant:

I tried to pair everything from Amarone to champagne. But the wine you like is a subjective notion. When working with clients, I always take into consideration their tastes, which very often different from mine. Therefore, before something that I really like, for example, pizza, I drink something also favorite, like Rosé! From the crazy fruit notes and aromas of white flowers to the full-bodied structure full of red berries – as for me this is a great pairing to pizza.


785_oooo.plusGiuseppe Petronio, FISAR, wine ambassador:

– I love to pair pizza with wine! The white Ronco delle Cime from Venica & Venica goes perfectly with Margherita or another pizza based on red tomato sauce. The sauce itself is sour so this taste should not be enhanced. Dry white wine served chilled is perfect here. If the pizza is white, then you can combine fresh and not very full-bodied wine, for example, Via delle Rose from Riserva della Cascina. Turning to the red wines, one should adhere to those that do not have too pronounced fruit smells and strong notes of spices. For example, with Caprichosa, I would take the elegant Terodego di Martinelli or Nebbiolo from Caven Camuna.


723_oooo.plusVeronica Laguardia, WSET2, wine professionalist:

– With my favorite pizza (Margherita with mozzarella di buffalo and mushrooms) I would prefer the Sicilian Frappato – light bodied red wine, fruit-forward (red fruits and sweet spices), soft low tannins and medium acidity.


1523_oooo.plusFrancesco Cipriani, WSET3, wine storyteller:

– I love to pair wine with pizza, but my favorite above all is Sparkling wine!Try to pair a Margherita pizza with a traditional method that has undergone malolactic fermentation, the creamy flavors of the wine match well with the mozzarella cheese!What if I have sausage, or prosciutto, or another kind of meat on my pizza? Try with a Blanc de Noirs ( a sparkling wine made only from black grape varieties), its body and fruity fleshiness will go very well with your pizza!”


824_oooo.plusFilippo Contini Bonacossi, winemaker:

– If you want to have a good digestion, do not mix up leaven with leaven. Enjoy pizza with wine and then all night sleep tight and fine.

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  1. Dr B says:

    It just goes to show that there is no objective or definitive matching between a wine and any food. Personal taste rules based on the 5 Flavours and eloquently described in Tim Hanni’s book.

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    1. Julia says:

      Thank you! I should read this book.


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