Italian excellence: do you know Franciacorta?

Newlyweds and friends clang their glasses standing outside

Have you heard about Franciacorta? Most of my non-Italian friends are not.

– Is it somewhere in France? – assumed my friend Shibhon.

– No, it’s a fancy sparkling wine you brought us from… North of Italy? – Jennifer wasn’t so sure in her answer.

Franciacorta is a wine zone in the north of Italy, in the Lombardy region. The most important thing to know is that when you hear Franciacorta, you know that this means the highest quality of sparkling wines. These are synonymous.

Let me give you a clearer idea, for what my Italian friends might kill me:

In France, there is a very famous wine-making area Champagne. Only the wine with bubbles that was produced there has the right to be called champagne. Roughly speaking, Franciacorta is Italian Champagne. But don’t say it out loud! The French have invested a lot so that their champagne was considered the benchmark of quality and no one profited from their merits, while the Italians do not want to steal the glory of their neighbors, but ensuring that their drink has its own identity and takes its place in the hearts of people.

If the history of the traditions of Champagne is about 200 years older than Franciacorta, and the brilliant marketing moves of the French reached the world rulers already then, then Italian wines began to develop and gain popularity only in the middle of the last century. Fortunately, international contests and judges around the world are increasingly giving quality awards to Italian manufacturers and bubble lovers get acquainted with the drink also outside the country.

By the way, the European Union gives Franciacorta the possibility of indication without other agreed terms. That is, the current law directly prohibits the use of the term “sparkling” in the designation and labeling. Therefore, it is correct to say “Franciacorta”, but not “Franciacorta sparkling wine”. That’s the level!

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