How to pair wine with your boyfriend

woman and her cat having dinner by candlelight

Valentine’s Day is coming. The sense of this holiday really is not clear to anyone except marketers. Fortunately, wine lovers have a holiday every day. Let’s pair this time wine not with food, but with your boyfriend.

1. You don’t have a boyfriend – cool, there is nothing to worry about, so you can just relax and take care of yourself. Who are you today? Mysterious vintage 86th? Perky Rosé? Unpredictable Chardonnay?

2. You started dating recently. He doesn’t know yet who is he dealing with, right? Just like you. It is necessary to clarify everything, with God’s help! And this is Sangiovese, Sanguis Jovis, that is, the blood of Jupiter. You can never be wrong with Brunello di Montalcino or Chianti Classico, this is the wine of great quality. It is not very light, goes with a bang with steaks.

3. Your boyfriend is an inexorable hunter, conqueror, but you know his affectionate and tender side. This strong beast will purr like a cat if you wine and dine him after a workday. Prepare a seafood dinner so that it is nourishing and easy. Pair with Franciacorta, exceptional bubbles will add languor to the evening.

4. You are from different countries. Many distinctions in mentality, culture. Need to look for points of contact! What about Cabernet Sauvignon? This is the most common grape variety in the world, it is grown everywhere, even in China and India, and in a variety of climatic conditions. Over time, smells of leather, tobacco and cocoa are added to the main bouquet. While you’re going to tell all this, don’t forget to find out whether he is married by chance in his own country. Well, you know…stuff happen.

5. You have been together for a long time, you know perfectly each other’s tastes and preferences. Here you can either give him pleasure, having treated with a favorite wine, or offer something brand-new to both, such as Hungarian Riesling, Dutch Johanniter or Arizona Grenache.

6. He does not drink wine. At all? It happens. But why do you need this bore?


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