«Forget about the grape variety! Think about the territory where it grew» – 5 valuable thoughts from the Italian wine experts

Enology – wine science. Riccardo Cotarella is one of the most famous, even legendary oenologists of Italy, president of the association Assoenologi, co-founder of Famiglia Cotarella winemaking company.

Paolo Lauciani is a sommelier, author of articles in Bibenda magazine, professor at the Italian Sommelier Foundation (FIS).

BEDB7A08-BD94-4CC7-901E-A671AD6A3D98.JPG Paolo Lauciani (left) and Riccardo Cotarella

Here are 5 valuable considerations from professionals at the event in Rome organized by the Italian Sommelier Foundation (FIS):

1. When you taste the wine, forget about the grape variety! Think about the area where it was growing, its features – the ground, rainfall, distance to the sea or to the forest, plain or mountains.

Very often we give too much importance to the plant. But imagine that this is a tool to personalize the territory and be personalized through it.

2. The same grape variety, Merlot, for example, can give excellent results in one zone and completely boring, commonplace in another.

3. In good and great wines, for example, Petrus 10-year exposure, you can even not feel the presence of Merlot from which it is made. And you don’t have to. You need a bouquet and taste of Petrus, taste of the wine!

4. There is no exact answer where it is better to age wine – in a wood, metal, clay or cement.

There are some fashion trends, but if you ask the oenologist about it and he will answer with confidence – call the police 🙂 The same wine in different years gives different results, and we should decide how to extract the best from it.

5. Wine is a precious gift of nature, brought to perfection by human labor. Winemaking is like a Jenga game – wrong disposing of brick will ruin everything.

What do you pay attention to when you are drinking wine?


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