5 restaurants in Rome where you can meet a celebrity

If you are in Rome or planning to come, this list can help you to save a ton of time from choosing among hundreds of places. The high-quality food made by the best chefs and a pleasant atmosphere is included.

Even if there is no guarantee on 100% you’ll see your favorite actor or football player, because they are not living there, you will enjoy a lot:

1. Il Marchese – first Amaro bar in Europe, typical Roman cuisine and the rock-star of the place, Internationally awarded master mixologist Matteo Zed.


2. Dal Bolognese – this place was introduced to me with words “Get ready to the best pasta Bolognese in the city”! I super agree with this statement. 


3. Assunta Roma – a lot of fresh, really fresh seafood. You don’t need to jump in the sea to catch a fish which would smell like water, not freezer.


4. Legami – Asian fusion. Owned by ex-Juventus player Claudio Marchisio.


5. Antica Pesa – a picturesque place in the historic district Trastevere. They have a really great wine cellar. Real Super Tuscans forever!


Here are the map and a couple of useful links:

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 20.16.22.png

Aperitivo time: 6 charming terraces in Rome

5 NOT tourist seafood restaurants in Rome


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