Must see in Tuscany: count’s vineyard just 30 minutes from Florence

Count Filippo Contini Bonacossi represents the fourth generation of the winemakers. He made his first bottle of wine at the age of 8. No wonder that wines of his family owned Tenuta di Capezzana receives International awards and high 92+ points all the time.


Fascinating the history of his wine area, Carmignano. How the area was chosen in 1716 by the Grand Duke Cosimo III de’ Medici as one of the four wine growing areas of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. Wine from this zone was highly appreciated and four times more expensive than from other areas.

How in 1928 Benito Mussolini abolished Tuscan winemaking designations to favor Chianti, how for almost 50 years people memory for those areas was lost.

How today 13 winemakers from the small winemaking area Carmignano in Tuscany, where count’s company is the biggest one. They are working on making excellent wine at an accessible price.

On the picture below all three wines were awarded many times, getting 92+ points from J. Suckling, Wine Spectator, Decanter, Bibenda, and many other experts.


The real treasure is hidden in the cellar. This wine is almost 100 years old. All their wines have phenomenal longevity!


Travelers can stay in the vineyard, it has rooms, located in the ancient count’s villa. This is 500 hundred years of history, starting from Medici!_DSC3848 2.jpg

What else to see around Tenuta di Capezzana?

  • Florence, Pistoia, Prato – medieval cities, “piccoli gioielli”, as said the count
  • Vinci, the city where Leonardo da Vinci was born.
  • Thermal springs
  • Lucca, Pisa, Siena 90 minutes away
  • Old Medici villas in proximity
  • Mount Montalbano with traces of Etruscan civilization

Very beautiful place and excellent wines!

Oh, there is also a restaurant, foodies are gonna be pleased!
IMG_7800.jpgvecchieannate-min 2.jpg

Are you planning to come to Tuscany this year?

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