Priorities and modern vision of Tancredi Biondi-Santi

Tancredi represents the seventh generation of the family Biondi-Santi, one of the most celebrated winemaking company in Italy. Growing up in the family of  famous winemakers, he did not take anything for granted:

“I’m grateful to be able to hear my father and grandfather talking about wine, the opportunity to see two different philosophies and how they make decisions.

Nevertheless, I’m working on my own education. Winemaking is not an exact science like mathematics. You can learn the general rules of vinification but then there are also considerations for personal tastes, preferences, and experience can affect the outcome of the annual work.

To continue the family tradition means to learn continuously, challenge myself and work diligently. This is the practical side of the craft.”


In Tenuta “Il Greppo”, the heart of the production, they separately make 3 wines based on the age of Sangiovese vines:

5-10 years old – use on Rosso di Montalcino, the youngest wine;

10-25 years old – use for the iconic Brunello di Montalcino;

25 years and older – use for Riserva, only in exceptional years.

These wine have exceptional longevity and elegance. No wonder collectors and wine lovers eagerly place Biondi Santi wines in their own collections.


I asked what is Tancredi’s vision for the next 10 years and what is most important to Biondi-Santi today:

Wine consumption in the world is increasing, in Asia particularly. I can see that the wine industry in Toscana and Montalcino will grow more and more. I hope not super big though, like some wine producers in France. The price point as well as maintaining the concept of what it means to be big in Montalcino are very important for us. 

The priority is to preserve Italian identity and accessibility for our customers. Myth has to be a myth, but it has to have a reasonable approach, otherwise what the point of making the product?

Could you agree with that?


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