The power of Luca Maroni

Why do you want to be recognized as an expert in your field?

After visiting event Roma Hortus Vini, organized by Best Italian Wines and Italian wine analyst Luca Maroni  I realized that the most attractive, the most appealing of all reasons is power.

The power which permits you to not follow common rules.

To not depend on somebody’s opinion.

To access in places common mortals can not enter.

To create the legacy for hundreds and thousands of people.

About Luca Maroni, as about any public figure, you can hear different opinions. Somebody worship his approach to wine tasting, somebody never agrees with what he said.

For me, there are two fascinating things about this person: the growing importance of events he organize in Italy and abroad. Second – wines he promotes. Among theme many small producers and not well-known brands.

This is a good thing, I thought. And here is where he gets a lot of critics. The most common – how a cheap wine could be called best?

I don’t know, personal taste maybe? Can’t say for all, but I was able to find a couple of good wines at his event in the Botanical Garden of Rome.

Btw, loved the location and art performance.









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