Which is more sugar – in a glass of wine or in 1% fat kefir?

Not a long time ago I watched the documentary «That Sugar Film». The author says that a normal person consumes 40 teaspoons of sugar every day without knowing that!

Which one will make you bigger in the long run?

He uses his body to show what influence sugar has on people and consequences for our body and brain. For me was astonishing how changed the color and the shape of his face while the experiment was going on.

Two things are blown my mind:

1)   At the beginning of the past century, there were two theories what can cause serious health disease. The suspects were fat and sugar.  Fat theory “won” and it becomes enemy nr.1, while sugar continues to move under radar. Probably because the food companies benefit more from hooking us up on sweet than on fat.

2)   Sugar in insane quantities you will find in the food which supposes to be healthy! Breakfast cereals, healthy juices and light drinks, low-fat yogurts, another diary, food for babies. FOR BABIES!

One teaspoon is about 4 grams of sugar. 

This tiny box (113gr) with organic yogurt for kids contains 9 grams of sugar. Two teaspoons for 100 gram of product.


My 1% fat kefir has 20 grams per serving. 4 teaspoon of sugar in every glass.


A glass of dry wine contains less than 1 teaspoon. Sweet wines contain more, obviously. Check this chart at Winefolly


For a couple of weeks, I was checking sugar amount in something before buy. Or rather not buy. Without trying, I’ve lost a couple of those stubborn pounds, and my skin becomes clearer (who have sensitive skin will understand).

So my answer to the question in the beginning – I stick with wine (in moderation, of course).

That movie helps to understand why do we crave sweets so much (spoiler – evolution mechanism) and how to protect ourselves and our family from unnecessary health risks and extra pounds.

Do you pay attention to sugar amount in your food?

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