Which champagne is better to drink – young or aged?


Champagne can age very well, although producers do not really recommend to hold it for a long time. The reason – they afraid people don’t have a proper place for storage, which will affect the quality of the bubbles in the long run. Considering how French are attentive for every single detail, this makes sense.


Producers from Franciacorta, Italian area of top bubbles, on the opposite, encourage you to age their products, making sure the place is cool and dark.

Two-three years of aging gives time to blended wines to get used to each other and improve complexity. Like in a marriage, when two people need time to figure out how to function together.

If we talk about vintages or prestige cuvées, which are great to drink already after they been released, they really start to develop after 10 years and can be aged 15, 20, 25 years if it is a good vintage. Especially blanc de blancs, while rosè better to drink within 10 years.

Prosecco is better to drink when it is young, it is not made to age.


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