5 Q&A with Italian winemaker: Alojz Jermann about wine longevity, changes and Instagram.

Jermann is a synonym of the finest white wines in Italy. Alojz Felix Jermann answered on 5 questions I received from people in my Instagram:IMG_3256.jpg

  1. How did you survive the dark period when Italian wines were considered to be low end?

By being a forward thinker and a trandmaker. For example, the longevity of the white wines. In times of my grandfather, they supposed to be enjoyed within 6 months. After it becomes vinegar. My father changed it by coming around with Vintage Tunina, which can age for years.

  1. What factor help you to grow?

Quality first, being consistent, respect nature. The last is very important – we do not use pesticides, follow the lunar cycle, on some vineyards we work with our horses, Mirko and Rado.

  1. Why you are not present on Instagram?

Father does not believe in social media. Me, as the representative of the new generation, will work on the development of this part of communication.

  1. How do you know what costumers want? 

We make wine we like and believe in. People enjoy that purity, give us feedback. Listening is the way to know.

  1. For how long I can keep your white wines in the cellar?

Our wines have great longevity. Chardonnay or Ribolla Gialla has the best expression in 5 years. Best vintages of the cru wines, such as Vintage Tunina, Dreams or Capo Martino, reach the best expression in 10 years. Try our wines even in a couple of years, expression is already great.


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