5 vineyards in Netherlands worth to visit

Did you know that the Netherlands has vineyards since the ancient Romans? Those guys after conquering a new land, always brought there the language, law, and vines.

Today most of the Dutch wine remains in the country because production is very small. But many Dutch people don't know that their country is a wine producer and in restaurants order Italian or French wine.

If you go to the Netherlands, try to find their wines! If you have time to travel, go to visit vineyards! The country is small, so it's not a long driving. But, as anywhere in Europe, things are changing a lot from one area to another.

On this map, I marked 5 vineyards I visited, from the biggest on the South to the coldest in the North.

1. Apostelhoeve – South, the largest vineyard in Holland, 10 hectares. Famous for white wines, the very cozy and quiet place to visit with a company. Also, you can see rabbits there .

2. Wijngaard De Linie – is a wine supplier for airline company KLM. The owner explained that the name means an imaginary line, behind which to grow grapes and produce quality wine is impossible in his opinion because of low temperatures.

3. Betuws Wijndomein - the owner is not afraid of weather challenges and is committed to the modernization of his brainchild. The vineyard is located in the countryside, so they also have jam and honey of its own production (bio)

4. Twentewijn – was told that they shouldn't even try to plant a vineyard because it's too cold in this region. It sounded like a challenge, and it was accepted. For 15 years now they produce wines, which are in great demand in this region and doing a lot of socially important work for their community

5. Wijngaard de Frysling is the northernmost vineyard in Holland. Temperatures are really low, but passion and persistence allow the owner to surprise customers with his wine for a long time. Usually, the harvesting of grapes is completed a month later than other winemakers. Naturally, the reason is in warm weather, which also comes here a month later.

Btw, Johanniter is the most common grape in Netherland, and wines made of it are great!


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