Genoels- Elderen - beautiful vinyard and castel in Belgium.

As in the case of Holland, finding information about Belgian vineyards was not easy. However,
I managed to find not just a vineyard, but a whole castle.
Vinyard Genoels-Elderen in Belgium
Genoels Elderen is located next to the Dutch border, a trip by car takes about 2 hours 45 minutes from Amsterdam, about 30 minutes from Maastricht, about an hour from Brussels.
This is the most famous vineyard in Belgium, where even the TV series was filmed, which was watched by 1 million people. For a small European country with a population of 11 million, this is a real success.
Despite the fact that my companion and I appeared 50 minutes before closing and without warning, the host conducted a small tour of the cellar. Since it is a castle, underground passages are also present here. It's really an unusual feeling, like stepping back in time.
We really liked sparkling wines!
And opposite the castle itself, there is a small lake with swans, ducks and other birds. A great place for walking and taking a selfie with animals.

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