What to love red bold Aglianico wine for?

Aglianico is delicious!


Ok, maybe this argument can only be used for mom. Then this:

🍇1. Noble and non-industrial grape. It grows only on 9.900 hectares in the world, almost all - in Italy. For comparison - Paris just a little bit bigger!

🍇2. Aglianico one of those grapes that grow on a volcano: volcanic soils make up only 1% of the earth's surface. It fills the grapes with a completely unique minerality and acidity.

🍇3. The price is wonderful: in the Tuscany, as the sommelier says, it makes little sense to buy wine below 12-15 euros (at the producer, not in the shop), then the Aglianico from Campania, Basilicata, Molise can start at the half price and the quality is so good!

🍇4. Color: bright, saturated, which can colorize boring grey days. Look, @elysiamyers.wineart does it in the literal sense, using Aglianiko in her beautiful paintings!

🍇5. Longevity: one of those wines worth drinking when they get old. The older the better. Even opening a bottle of 20 years of aging, the wine does not smell like socks or mice😇

This is a few manufacturers (swipe left, few more pics there:) whose wines, at the suggestion of my sommelier colleagues, I managed to try and which I liked a lot:
@mastroberardinowinery - a pioneer in cultivating Aglianico in Italy. His Radici Taurasi Riserva ‘99 and ‘97, tasted like a kiss of an angel 👼
@vitis_in_vulture - a small cooperative from Basilicata, Lenos was berry good, whites are 💘
@fattoriapagano - we were so excited in opinion exchange, that I forgot what we’ve tasted😁 Only remember it was delicious! 
What is your relation with Aglianico?
Can you suggest other wines or producers? 

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